Statement of Principles by Members of the Cuban Internal Opposition in View of the Castro Family’s Dynastic Succession

In a few months the longest-lasting dictatorship in the hemisphere will celebrate 60 years in power. During this disastrous period the damage visited upon the Cuban people and the region has been huge.

Latin America is living through a historic time period as new political forces are displacing groups intending to implement dictatorial systems. Castroism, the source of this destabilization, although finding itself at its most vulnerable, seeks to strengthen its dynastic succession through alliances and actions in tandem with the enemies of democracies.

Those of us Cubans who assume our responsibilities in this struggle need to mold our strategies and unify our efforts together with the democratic world.

In this context we proffer a group of essential points which set out our political position. Backing them would be a great boost to the cause of freedom for the Cuban people:

  • We disavow the tyrannical regime and its recently held electoral farce, with its subsequent transfer of power to a new generation of the Castro Family.
  • We support the application of political, economic and legal sanctions against the regime, the elite in power, and their beneficiaries.
  • Violations of human rights cannot go unpunished. The release of political prisoners and the cessation of repression and arbitrary arrests are an upmost priority.
  •  We place the fall of the dictatorship as the first necessary step towards a real democratic transition.
  • We do not recognize nor do we support false elections, referenda or plebiscites as a means to abandon totalitarianism.

It is fundamental for democratic nations to support and recognize the opposition as a legitimate actor, especially that opposition which is constantly being repressed in the Island.

A democratic Cuba will be a natural ally to all the countries that seek to have a stable world where respect of fundamental rights and freedoms are a given.

Berta Soler , Ladies in White, Forum for Rights and Liberties, European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize
Guillermo Fariñas , United Anti-Totalitarian Front, European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize
Ángel Moya , former political prisoner, Forum for Rights and Freedoms
Jorge Luis García “Antúnez”, former political prisoner, Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Resistance Front
Antonio G. Rodiles , State of Sats, Forum for Rights and Freedoms
Ailer González , State of Sats, Forum for Rights and Freedoms
Gorki Águila , musician, Forum for Rights and Freedoms
María Cristina Labrada , Ladies in White, Forum for Rights and Freedoms
Ángel Santiesteban , writer, Forum for Rights and Freedoms
Raúl Borges , Party for Democratic Christian Unity, Forum for Rights and Freedoms
Juan Alberto de la Nuez , Reflection and Reconciliation Citizens’ Movement
Claudio Fuentes , State of Sats, Forum for Rights and Freedoms
Juan González Febles, independent journalist, Digital Spring
Luis Cino , independent journalist, Digital Spring, Cubanet
Benito Fojaco , United Anti-Totalitarian Front
Ramon Zamora , Party for Democratic Christian Unity, Forum for Rights and Freedoms